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885 Jarvis Rd
Santa Cruz, CA, 95065
United States


Pasture Raised Pork in the Monterey Bay Area. Mountain Whale Ranch provides the highest quality pasture raised pork. Also forest raised in the best pastureland in the Santa Cruz Mountains.


What is Mountain Whale Ranch About?

Our mission is to produce clean, humane, tasty, nutrient dense meat of the highest quality. Our primary focus at the ranch is on our pigs. We raise 100% (GOS) Gloucestershire Old Spot and GOS/Mulefoot cross hogs. These pigs are natural foragers and perfectly suited to our forests and pastures. We rotate our animals on a regular basis to fresh ground. This allows them to live a fully expressed life. We have raised all of our breeding stock and only sell pigs that we produce on our ranch. This way we have complete control of how these animals have been treated and what they eat their whole life. These pigs are very social, affectionate smart and they produce some of the best tasting pork available!

Is it organic, humane or...

Well, no. We can do better. We are customer certified. Our goal is to exceed all standards. After years of working with natural, organic, and biodynamic farms I have seen the good the band and the ugly. The truth is that third party certifications are expensive and sometimes misleading. We believe it to be more important to know your farm and farmer. We have an open door policy and invite all customers, and those interested, to come to the ranch and see our practices. We are not perfect, but are trying!

Eat like a pig! 

Our pigs eat better than most people we know. As most of us know, we really are what we eat. Or as some of us geeks say, “garbage in, garbage out.” At Mountain Whale we have done everything possible to remove all GMO from our ranch .We feed our animals a diet consisting of organic feed from Modesto Milling, Organic brewer’s (spent) grain from Uncommon Brewers, and organic veggies from Tomatero Farm. In addition to this, our pigs get seasonal plums and apples from the ranch and a daily dose of grub, acorns, grass etc. from our pastures.

Where you may have tried our pork:

Main Street Garden Café • Soquel CA

Marla’s Bakery • San Francisco CA

Oak and Rye • Los Gatos CA

Sons and Daughters • San Francisco CA

Sweet Woodruff • San Francisco CA

Avedano’s Holly Park Market • San Francisco CA

Haven • Oakland CA

Hay Market • San Jose CA

Hult’s Resturant • Los Gatos CA

Kuleto’s • San Francisco CA

La Balena • Carmel CA